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May 2019

From Sessegnon to Sanchez: How to calculate the correct market salary for EPL players.

April 2019

Liverpool have never been so dependent on United avoiding defeat

March 2019

Do we overestimate the impact of recent form? 

October 2018

Best Feet Forward: a willingness to wield the weaker foot

September 2018

Exceeding Expected Goals 

August 2018

Liverpool move faster than most in the market. 

June 2018

Inward-looking England invest in the future. 

May 2018

What can we expect from the 21st FIFA World Cup?

March 2018

Show me the Money: how much is each premier league position worth?

February 2018

Declining home advantage makes Mourinho's Spanish stalemate a risky strategy

Foreign leagues profit from Premier League wealth. 

January 2018

Consistent or Calamitous: How good is your goalie?

Hectic xmas schedule gives some teams an artificial advantage

December 2017

Freedom of Movement of Footballers: Brexit and the EPL

October 2017

Strategy for Underdogs: Does Fortune Favour the Brave?

September 2017

Bodies on the Line: Quantifying how defenders affect chances.

From excess to success: Neymar, inflation and the price of an EPL title.

August 2017

Pundit Consensus Forecasts

July 2017

How are Lawrenson and Merson beating the market?

June 2017

Tinker, Tailor, Mould a Side: Squad Rotation in the EPL

April 2017

Why are EPL clubs preferring to recruit foreign managers?

March 2017

Keep calm and let them carry on: are mid-season sackings worth it?

February 2017

The Wisdom of Crowds: A Census of EPL Forecasts

January 2017

Poor FA Cup crowds erode home advantage

The Frequency of Winning Streaks

December 2016

Does January transfer spending improve results?

Playing in Europe does affect domestic results in the EPL

November 2016

Final Table Predictions for the EPL.

Elo Impact: Who are the EPL’s most effective managers?

Wenger's winter curse.

October 2016

Leagues within a League: How the EPL Table Evolves

Forecasting Football: a hedgehog amongst the foxes.

The managerial merry-go-round spins ever faster.

September 2016

English Hares and Italian Tortoises: When do goal-scorers peak?

What's the problem with English players?

Who are the EPL's most injury-prone teams? And why?

Are referees harsher to the away team?

What happens to home advantage when one team is better?

August 2016

A history of home advantage.

The general decline of the underdog.

Was Leicester's achievement last season unprecedented?


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