Reading List & Data


Here is a list of other football analysis websites and blogs that I find interesting and regularly read.

StatsBomb - Home of a lot of the best writing about football analytics.

Experimental 361 - A great football analysis site, with some really excellent visualisations. Focus on the EFL.

5 Added Minutes - Blog focussing on investigating beliefs and misconceptions in football and cricket.

The Economics of Sport - Analysis of issues in sports from an economics perspective.

The power of goals - Another football statistics blog, making good use of Opta data to analyze and predict match outcomes.

2 plus 2 equals 11 - Football statistics and analysis by someone who appears to have a similar background to me.


Various websites that provide a wealth of data relating to football, from detailed match statistics, injury records and transfers.

Here is some of the data that I've compiled while writing my blog posts. I've tried to put everything in the most convenient format, which is generally an Excel workbook.

1. Selected EPL squad statistics for 2004/5 to 2015/16 seasons [excel]
2. 70 years of league tables for England's top division (1945-2016) [excel]
3. Pundit Predictions: [Paul Merson], [Mark Lawrenson]


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